Set Up SSL (HTTPS) on WordPress Multisite

Well, I just lost my whole post so here´s a summary: Disable any caching and minifying plugins Make sure all your external assets are loaded over https (scripts, css files, images etc) Create a SSL-certificate (most hosting companies allow you to do this with the click of a mouse – thanks to Change all … Continue Reading »

Install WP MultiSite with Top Level Domains

In this brief turorial we´ll install WordPress Multisite and give each site in the network it´s own separate top level domain. Changing the DNS settings First we need to point all the domains we want to use in this network to our WordPress Multisite install. This usually involves two steps: Specify the IP address of … Continue Reading »

Install WordPress quickly using SSH

Installing WordPress via FTP can take up quite a long time, as you´ll have to upload hundreds of files to the server. Installing via the console is much faster, but you really need to know what you´re doing. Personally I´m using a hybrid install process, using the control panel and command prompt. I found this … Continue Reading »

Create unique domain names using Virtual Hosts

If you´ve installed WordPress locally, you´ll usually access you´re projects via the localhost. For example http://localhost/wordpress or if you´re using WordPress MultiSite http://localhost/wordpress/project/. This works fine, but it would be even better if we could use an specific domain name for each project. That way we could access our local WordPress installs via or … Continue Reading »

Install WordPress locally using WampServer (WAMP) – Part 2

In the first part of this tutorial on how to install WordPress locally we downloaded and installed WampServer. In this second part we´ll complete our local set up by creating a database and installing WordPress. If you´ve read our previous guide on installing WordPress this process should be pretty familar. Create a MySQL database and … Continue Reading »

Install WordPress locally using WampServer (WAMP)

Installing WordPress on your local pc allows you to make changes to your theme and test new plugins before implementing these on your live website. A local installation is also ideal to test new versions of WordPress – making sure nothing breaks – before updating on the server. This tutorial is split up in two … Continue Reading »

Updating PHP or other services with DirectAdmin Custombuild

If you´re hosting your WordPress sites on an unmanaged VPS, you´ll have to perform all system updates and upgrades yourself. The control panel DirectAdmin offers a handy tool that makes keeping your server packages updated a breeze. The tool is called DirectAdmin Custombuild. This script package allows DirectAdmin users to install and upgrade services like … Continue Reading »

How to install WordPress

Installing WordPress can seem a daunting task for beginners, but it really isn´t all that difficult. This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up your WordPress site in four quick and easy steps. By following this guide you´ll not only learn how to install WordPress on your server, but you´ll also understand … Continue Reading »